20 June 2018, Wednesday, 18:21

Pavel Grib's Lawyer Gave Details On His Abduction In Belarus


The Ukrainian patriot was kept in a room without windows for several days.

The lawyer of 19-year-old Ukrainian Pavel Grib, Andrei Sabinin, gave pravda.com.ua details about how his client had found himself in a pretrial detention facility on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian was abducted on August 24, around 5 pm, by unknown persons at the bus station in Homel on his way to Ukraine, after he met with the girl.

The lawyer says that Grib was carrying around his certificate of a person disabled from childhood and the passport with him.

" Some people in plainclothes came up to him in one of the central streets, put him in a minibus, tied him up and took him to a forest, where nearly in the dark he was passed on to other people," – Sabinin says.

At the same time, he cannot answer the question, who exactly detained the Ukrainian in Homel – Belarusians or Russians, and to whom he was subsequently passed on. "I cannot add anything to what I have already reported," – he says.

After Grib was handed over to the unknown people, he was kept in a room without windows for several days.

"After that, according to him, an investigative brigade arrived and drew up a protocol of his detention in accordance with the Russian criminal procedure code, and when he was brought to the police station, he learned that he was in Smolensk region. He saw a sign on the police station. In my opinion, that was the town of Ryabtsev. His fingerprints were taken there," – Sabinin says.

After that, the brigade and the Ukrainian moved to Krasnodar, where now he stays at the pre-trial detention center No. 5.

According to Sabinin, now the consuls of Ukraine have arrived in the city, they are trying to pass clothes and medicines for Grib.

Pavel's father, Igor Grib, does not know what exact fact of terrorism he is accused of. According to him, the son never visited Russia and the occupied Crimea, did not serve in ATO, and was active only in social networks.

Today it became known that the decision to arrest Mushroom was taken by the Russian court in absentia, on August 17.