20 October 2018, Saturday, 8:13
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Babruisk "Parasites" Sent To Collect Stones In Fields


"Sisyphean labor" is awaiting the unemployed from 6 to 20 September.

Babruisk "parasites" are again called to work in the fields for a measly payment, reports babruysk.by.

This time, the Office for Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the City Executive Committee decided to make the unemployed happy by offering them to collect stones from 6 to 20 September.

For one day of work in the fields of Babruisk district, the "parasites" can allegedly "get richer" by as much as 10 rubles. The amount of the expected earnings, however, does not fit in with the promised "500 dollars to everyone." And, of course, these days will not be included into the employment record.

It is noteworthy that in spring, Babruisk "parasites" were already "recruited" for a similar job, and then they were paid 10 rubles as well. The only thing is that the communal bills and prices have significantly increased for this time.