24 January 2019, Thursday, 12:53
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How Much Did Concert Of Russian Stars For Lukashenka Cost?

The details of the January 12 reception at BelExpo on the old New Year have come to light.

Earlier it was reported that Lukashenka invited representatives of the media and creative intelligentsia to the reception. He made a speech there in which he stated that "our life is not wonderful and not even good. But for now it’s bearable." And he awarded some state media journalists – by and large, his pool representatives.

The video made at BelExpo shows the covered tables of the country’s highest officials: from Kabiakou and Karpenka to Yarmoshyna and Kallaur, Salidarnasts writes.

But only a few days later it became clear that the presidential reception had not been just a modest get-together. Photos with the stars of the Belarusian and Russian stage appeared in the network.

The participation of the first ones doesn’t trouble that much, but the arrival of the second ones provokes the question of how much the concert for a small circle could cost.

According to the site of the concert agency 123 Shows, Natasha Koroleva and her accompaniment’s performance costs about 15 thousand dollars. And it is very "inexpensive".

Taisiya Povaliy and her team’s performance costs from 23 thousand dollars.

The exact data on Nikolai Baskov and Grigory Leps is not indicated – it’s "expensive" and "by agreement." However, it is not difficult to find information about their fees in the Russian press.

Nikolai Baskov takes about 80 thousand euros for his performance. Grigory Leps, who was the last one to perform at the concert – about 100 thousand euros.

The dictator’s reception, which looked like a modest get-together in the state media, was actually a smart corporate party for those close to the ruler.

And whose life there "is not wonderful and not even good"?