19 November 2018, Monday, 9:09
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Lukashenka Has Fun, Like There's No Tomorrow?


The dictator and his inner circle hold "fiddles while Rome is burning".

"We do not live a lush life. But it is still comfortable," Lukashenka's words pronounced during the meeting in celebration of the Old New Year went rival. On January 12 the dictator organized a great company party for his inner circle in the BelExpo.

Belarusian and foreign pop stars were invited to the party. Taisia Povaliy, the cost of services rendered starts from $23 thousand; Nikolay Baskov - around €80 thousand; Grigory Leps - around €100 thousand.

Indeed, the life of the dictator and his inner circle is "comfortable" enough. In the meantime, the life of an ordinary Belarusian does not look so rosy: every third citizen falls under the "absolute poverty line". One of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, poet Uladzimir Nyaklyayew stated to Charter97.org that amid a widespread impoverishment such a behavior looked cynical:

- When Lukashenka says "our life", he does mean only himself and those who are invited to such parties like BelExpo party.

I regret to admit that there is a stiff competition to perform at such parties. And it's applicable to all spheres. And Moscow provides with enough of money to fly high.

For example, officials in the government jump out of their skin to be invited to the most luxurious party; and the celebration of the Old New Year is one of the most bombestic parties. Believe me, these people invited to the party live a lush life.

You know, authoritarian and dictatorial systems recruit loyal servants through such events. People who know that they can make money only by serving the regime.

Such parties also aim at solution of backstage issues related to appointments, titles and so on. For example, the issue with Saladukha (Belarusian singer). The majority believes that he can't be Honoured Artist. He can! Anyone can get the title of an honoured artist. Lukashenka just needs come up with an idea to grant such a "title".

But nothing else matters now, but the very existence of Belarus. Either it remains independent, or becomes the colony, as it used to be in the USSR... And what will happen to our history, our human and national dignity? These key issues are replaced with drunk talks about "lofty matters" they will never deal with.

- These luxurious parties are held in a row: voyage to the Arab Emirates, Christmas hockey tournament, "party" in celebration of the Old New Year. And it occurs after the December cuts in the budget...

- Despite cuts in the budget, Lukashenka has significantly expanded his reserve fund. He does whatever he wants with it.

I'd like to point out that money spent on such parties is not his own. He keeps money of his fund safe. People who make money under the regime usually pay for them. . After all, if you don't pay, you won't be invited to the "party" and lose money.

Lukashenka is convinced that he will live a high life till the very end. But I'd like to stress that neither the situation within the country nor the situation around Belarus imply such a happy career endings and his life. You know, I'm convinced that justice exist!

I believe that sooner or later Lukashenka will face all the challenges the majority of Belarusians have suffered.

A person may ignore it only if he does not aware of the true situation both within and around the country, and it's quite challenging. And, perhaps, the dire situation causes the Lukashenka's psychological state described as "have fun, like there's no tomorrow". It can be true.

- What would be the reaction to these of head in normal countries?

- It is wrong to compare the lifestyle of leaders of authoritarian countries to the lifestyle of democratic countries with limited financial resources. Even prime-ministers there drive their own cars, live ordinary life. In democratic states one can't own things of the state. Under the dictatorship, the authorities believe they own everything.

Parties, events, holidays, military parades carried one for one person - this is the way of life of an uncivilized, dictatorial country.