13 December 2018, Thursday, 8:20
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Villager Decides To Get Rid Of Old TV On New Year’s Night


The “zombie box” was dropped on parked cars.

Employees of the Lida police department established the identity of a man who is suspected of damaging the cars Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Jetta. On January 9, car owners applied to the internal affairs agencies and reported a crime. On the spot, law enforcers discovered that TVs, flowerpots, and fragments of furniture were dropped on the cars, s13.ru reported.

During the operative-search activities, the policemen paid attention to the unemployed resident of the village of Vaverka, Lida district, born in 1972. As it turned out, the man drank alcohol on the evening of January 1. At some point, the spirits got high, and the citizen decided to get rid of unnecessary things. True, he did it not in the standard way, but threw the stuff out the window, the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Hrodna regional executive committee said.

As a result, other people's property was damaged. With regard to the attacker, a criminal case was initiated under Part 1 of Article 339 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus – “Hooliganism”. The man faces up to three years in prison.