24 January 2019, Thursday, 12:52
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Volha Chaichyts: Many People Supported Me

Volha Chaichyts

The independent journalist was fined again.

The pressure on the independent journalist doesn’t seem to be decreasing in the year 2018: the Lida district court heavily fined Belsat journalist Volha Chaichyts.

Judge Pipko resolved to fine her for 30 base fees (Bn 735).

Once again, the journalists were accused of breaking the “legislation on mass media” (Art. 22.9 of the Administrative and Procedural Code). The reason for this was the report on the problems of entrepreneurs who work at the local market in Lida.

Before today’s trial, Volha Chaichyts and cameraman Andrei Kozel visited the heroes of their previous report again, to find out how they lived and to film a continuation. Suddenly, policemen appeared and drew up another protocol against the journalists. According to Volha, a new subpoena to the court will arrive soon.

“Many peole came to support me at the trial. Local activists, human rights defenders from the Helsinki Committee, ordinary people... This is very inspiring. I spotted a curios thing which I had never noticed before. In the protocol, they wrote “belsat.eu” in the column “site of crime”. This is our website,” – Volha told.

Only in 2017, Belsat journalists paid the state at least $14K under the Article “illegal production of media content and working without accreditation”. According to the statistical data provided by the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the TV-channel’s journalists accounted for 94% of fines for the alleged illegal production of media content last year.