25 March 2019, Monday, 3:32
A Challenge for Everyone

It’s In Our Hands


The absense of permit from the occupying administration cannot prevent us from doing something.

Here are several useful and interesting observations after yesterday’s actions aimed at commemoration of the executed poets:

First. Almost every time when we streak, they (the KGB, the Interior Ministry, common representatives of the authorities) close, leave, hide. This happens when they realize that our decisiveness is absolute. It happened in their hide-out, in the central avenue of the capital, and in Kurapaty.

Second. Technical complications, like the absence of permit from the occupying administration, or bad weather cannot prevent us from doing something we want to do. This means, it’s in our hands. Speak up, and you will be heard. Fight and you will win.

And the last. The BRYU did not respond to the offer to commemorate their illegally repressed predecessors on the 100th anniversary of the Komsomol, but got down to the noisy fake celebration, without recalling their executed leaders, let alone all the others. However, no one seriously expected that, right?

Maxim Viniarski, Facebook