23 February 2019, Saturday, 12:52
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Entrepreneur From Slonim: It's Getting Harder To Make Money During Crisis


Entrepreneurs in the regions are stretched thin.

Entrepreneurs in the Slonim market are outraged by the fact that the state is raising fines for individual entrepreneurs, introducing online labels and does not care at all about how new laws can be implemented by small businesses, Belsat reports.

Fines for incorrect bookkeeping, underpayment of taxes have doubled. For small inconsistencies in accounting, you can get a fine of up to one hundred base fees (about BYN 2,300).

“Each law, decree, which is adopted in Belarus regarding entrepreneurship, only aggravates the situation of individual entrepreneurs. We still cannot move away from the consequences of Decree 222, more than one hundred thousand entrepreneurs simply left the market, and the bureaucracy continues to mock us,”says Mikhail Klybik, an entrepreneur with 18 years of experience.

He draws attention to the fact that each of the individual entrepreneurs of Slonim annually pays several thousand dollars of taxes, rent and other payments, and it is becoming more and more difficult to make money in a situation of crisis.

In addition, the market - almost the only place where you can work. In recent years, a number of large construction and manufacturing enterprises have closed in Slonim, the PMK and the poultry farm are in the process of bankruptcy. It is said in the market that the sales of goods usually increase before September 1, when people prepare children for school, but this year there was not even this seasonal boom. People have no money, so only the cheapest goods were in demand. Buyers were lured by the traders from Asia, who offer goods for a penny.

“For them, the state somehow removed the red light. Neither fines nor checks do not concern them, ” the market entrepreneurs in Slonim outrage.