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Brest Residents Protest Again

Brest Residents Protest Again

About 130 people took part in the Sunday feeding of pigeons.

On November 11, the traditional “feeding of pigeons” to protest against the battery factory construction was held at Lenin Square in Brest, the Brest Newspaper writes.

As it was a week ago, not only police officers and people in civilian clothes watched the crowd, but the event was also captured on video from the air with a drone.

This time, by the end of feeding, there were about 130 people in the square. They were discussing the latest news, representatives of the initiative group were speaking about the latest responses to their requests.

One of the meeting participants was given a summons near the square. She is summoned to the police department at noon on November 18. The summons says that she is held accountable under Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code “Violation of the procedure for holding mass events.”

We remind that in the beginning of the year, a campaign against the iPower accumulator plant construction was launched in Brest. According to activists, the construction of potentially dangerous for the environment and human health production is carried out with numerous violations. Representatives of the plant, environmental organizations and officials insist that the fears are groundless and there are no violations.

Starting from March 5, every Sunday, opponents of the plant come to Lenin Square to feed pigeons and in such a way express their silent protest against the battery factory construction in the Brest FEZ. Only once they were allowed to gather and protest – the rally of “Brest Women Against Lead” was held in the park of soldiers-internationalists on April 29 and gathered about 2,000 people. Subsequently, numerous requests for holding rallies and pickets against the plant were dismissed.

The launch of the battery factory’s complete production cycle is scheduled for this quarter. The capacity of the enterprise is 1 million batteries per year at the first stage, and will be doubled in the future.

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