20 July 2019, Saturday, 4:46
We are in the same boat

Three Hunters Kill Bison Near Brest


The suspects have been detained.

Three residents of the Brest district are suspected of illegal hunting, the Investigatory Committee informs.

On November 13, 44-, 53- amd 55-year-old residents of the Brest district illegally shot a bison in the woods near the village of Ivakhnovichy, Brest district.

The Investigatory Committee has started a criminal case against the men over illegal hunting. The suspects have been detained. Their hunting weapons have been seized, together with the ammunition thereof.

The shot bison may bring serious financial trouble to the poachers. For example, in 2015 a Bulgarian who shot a bison by mistake was invoiced for the sum of EUR 92 K only for the animal’s rack. He was also obliged to pay almost 12 K dollars as compensation of the damage caused to the environment.