9 December 2019, Monday, 14:10
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Leanid Sudalenka: In Regions, All Vacancies Offer Monthly Wages Of BYN 200-300

Leanid Sudalenka: In Regions, All Vacancies Offer Monthly Wages Of BYN 200-300

Belarusians live from pay to pay.

Specialists of the Institute Credit Suisse have made a map of average salaries in the country for 2018. As a result, Belarus turned out to be at the level of Africa in terms of wages. How did it happen that a European country was in such a low place in the ranking?

The website Charter97.org addressed this issue to Leanid Sudalenka, the legal inspector of labor of the independent trade union of the radio-electronic industry workers (REP) in the Homel region.

- Today the average salary of 500 dollars to everyone is declared, but the people consider working for three hundred rubles a normal option. They would even stand in the queue for such a vacancy. What can we talk about when the majority of Belarusians live from pay to pay?

The economy is not reformed, no investments go to the country, jobs are not created. The officials probably have this average salary. Maybe higher. They are in perfect order. They have benefits and various privileges.

The average salary in the country is a well-known joke, about the average temperature in a hospital ward. One patient has 40 degrees, another has 35, and the average in the ward is 36.6.

What can we talk about when in the regions all the vacancies offer the wages of BYN 200, 300? Of course, there are proposals with high wages, but they are rare and require high qualification and training.

For example - a pilot of the aircraft. Yes, people of such professions earn good money. But they can go to work in an international company, where they will earn even more.

It turns out that African salaries are paid in our country. Let me remind you that we are geographically located in the center of Europe.

- They constantly frighten us with the Baltic countries, Poland, and they say: you want it to be like in the West. Do you want it to be like in the West?

- I, an ordinary ordinary citizen of Belarus, want it to be like in the West, I want us to live like in Poland. But I think that in the next three to four decades we will not reach this level. This is the fault of the authorities, we hopelessly lack behind. And in the early 90s we had the same starting opportunities. Only Poland chose a market economy, and we still have a planned one.