23 February 2020, Sunday, 20:25
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‘Take Bandage Off Your Eyes!’: Belarusian Urges To Struggle With Economic Slavery

‘Take Bandage Off Your Eyes!’: Belarusian Urges To Struggle With Economic Slavery

The heart cry of the director of a private enterprise.

The editor’s office of Charter97.org received a message from director of a private enterprise Piotr Bychko:

- Many of us try to look at the perspective of our actions, without considering this moment’s result. However, not many succeed in this, or we do not always find it important. And this leads to the terrible consequences that we have today ...

School, college, university

In our country, this is a place for brainwashing. From an early age they are trying to give us a vaccine against any personal opinion. One must go to the factory, work for the good of those who rob us. The second must become a scientist who, having retired, will never think of anything, because all the money has gone into something that people absolutely do not need. The third will go to the police, to scare people. And the fourth will become a teacher who will be forced to falsify elections.

And no teacher or professor will offer you to open your eyes and express your opinion. Because it does not interest anyone. And we are in debt since birth, and if not, then we will be.


Wonderful and beautiful word. Only here is not so simple. Each of us wants to have their own business. But our authorities decided to issue Decree # 488 and make you guilty without guilt. For example, your supplier is not located at the legal address - recalculate taxes. You bought the product, and the supplier disappeared somewhere in a few years - you are to blame. The supplier incorrectly legalized the primary documents - again you are to blame. The purpose of this decree is not to rob, not to take away everything from you, but to enslave. There will be a trial, but in court we always have everything “correct”. You will be subjected to subsidiary liability and will not be leaving the country, in addition to 2-3 years of house arrest. And here the most interesting thing begins.

A man who lived by own business will not go to work at the plant. His talent will manifest itself anyway. He will continue to “spin around”, earn money, pay taxes, pay off debt. And if not, then they will find the way to pacify him. After all, this man has become an economic slave.


Working for a penny, a person is afraid of losing what they have. How can they think about changes in life, if they do not know how to feed their family, pay utility bills? Such a person becomes very easy to manage. They would do anything. And add some alcohol, tobacco, and they will not even have a single thought to change something. A person in this state cannot compete.

And if someone still sobered up from all this, then you can push. Or even better, arrange a feast during the plague, and the king will be good for many.


The average pension in the country is about $ 184, and the minimum cost of living is $ 164. Is it not slavery? What can a beggar can afford? Where can he go? Nothing! The man who has worked all his life for the good of the country is now living out his years in poverty. The state does not need pensioners, it needs only working goosebumps.

As for me, I am an ordinary citizen living in Minsk. I was born in the Soviet Union and I remember the faces of people who were in a state of sadness and fear from the anticipation of the approaching future. When people did not know where to go, but they still tried to do something and found opportunities. Today I see the faces of people in the deepest depression, they, like zombies, go to and from work. Most simply go with the flow due to lack of choice and hope. And why change something? All is well, all according to the plan. Why this conversation? Each of us chooses their own way, go right or left. Or do not go at all. We are to blame for what is happening. After all, we allow decisions to be made for us. We are told what to do, it is not us who boss around the servants who enslaved us.

What can we do in this situation? We must take the bandage off our eyes. If you are deceived, if they demand a bribe from you, or threaten you - do not be silent! Do not give bribes, do not feed deceivers. If you find yourself in such a situation or know that you can get in, talk about it publicly! Record conversations on the recorder!

Help those who suffered. Those whom this does not affect everything, just pray to God that he wake up our hearts and open our eyes to the wrongdoers who have forgotten who they are and why they were chosen for their posts and positions.