25 April 2019, Thursday, 17:46
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Riot in Wolves' Lairs Prison?


Department of Corrections rejects the information.

On November 5 Belaruskay Turma published information about the riot in correctional facility No. 22. The Department of Corrections of the Brest region rejected the information.

According to edition, the riot occurred last weekend: "All prisoners rebelled. They blocked doors, several representatives of the administration are injured. Prisoners required dismissal of the administration!"

The authors of the article say that prisoners were waiting for the Chief of the Department of Corrections Aleh Matkin to arrive, but "he did not appear".

Tut.by asked the Administration of the Department of corrections of the Brest region for comments. However, the Department rejected the information:

- There was no riot, Deputy Chief of the Department of Corrections in the Brest region Aliaksei Gaiduk said.

Belaruskaya Turma also informs that the Brest Department of Corrections temporary takes the place of the administration of the Wolves' Liars. It is not true. On November 6 head of correctional facility No. 22 Andrei Kvashevich was at workplace. He also rejected the information about the riot and stressed unreliability of information disseminated on the Internet.

Correctional facility No. 22, commonly known as Wolves Liars locates in the Ivatsevichy district. People tried for drug-related crimes for the first time serve their term there.