21 May 2019, Tuesday, 9:11
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Flights Being Delayed In Minsk Airport Due To Fog


Flights are again delayed at Minsk airport due to thick fog.

The flight Minsk - Kaliningrad - Minsk has been canceled.

Flights from Kyiv, St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities have been delayed at the Minsk National Airport. The flight Minsk - Kaliningrad - Minsk has been canceled. The reason for this is thick fog, writes tut.by.

Airplanes that were supposed to fly to Minsk this morning have been delayed. As of 10.40 on Friday, the Belavia flights from Kyiv and St. Petersburg have not yet arrived (they were supposed to arrive at 6.55 and 7.00), as well as the Motor Sich flight from Zaporizhia (arriving on schedule - 10.00). The Belavia airplanes from Moscow (Domodedovo), and Aeroflot (Sheremetyevo) are delayed. Belatedly, flights of UTair from Moscow (Vnukovo) and Iraqi Airlines from Baghdad will arrive. Up-to-date information can be tracked on the airport's online scoreboard.

“The reason for the delays is the weather, fog. According to the weather report, the weather will not change until one o'clock in the afternoon,” said Romina Samatkhanova, spokeswoman for the Minsk National Airport. “So far, they say that there will be fog in the weekend.”

There are also flights with the delayed departure from the airport, for example, the Aeroflot flight to Moscow (Sheremetyevo).

The Belavia flight Minsk - Kaliningrad - Minsk has been canceled, due to the heavy fog in Kaliningrad itself.

Yesterday, due to thick fog, flights from Zaporizhia, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Kyiv, St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Istanbul were delayed in the morning. Delays continued during the day: the flights from Warsaw, Amsterdam, Lviv, Berlin, and Odesa were delayed; and the planes from Prague, Berlin, Chisinau, Sochi, and Belgrade-Budapest got into the “queue”.