25 March 2019, Monday, 3:23
A Challenge for Everyone

Kalodzishchy Residents Sue Amkodor Plant


The reason for the lawsuit was the conflict over environmental documentation.

About a year and a half ago, the residents of Kalodzishchy were presented with a project to build a new plant, writes onliner.by. Practically the whole village opposed the changes, mostly due to the plans to cut down more than 8 thousand trees and build evaporation ponds instead of the forest. The project was changed, but the conflict was not settled. After numerous attempts to find a common language with the leadership of Amkodor, the residents of Kalodzishchy addressed to the court.

According to resident of the village Iryna Lapitskaya, the reason for the lawsuit was a conflict over environmental documentation.

- All this time we tried to get access to the documents on the environmental impact of the plant. We have repeatedly tried to get permission to photocopy those documents, but the management does not do this. They have a meter stack of sheets in which everything is described in a detailed way. They allow us to study the documents in their office, but it takes a lot of time to study this volume. Experts should see them, give an assessment. We must understand what awaits us. The law guarantees us this right.

Since Amkodor in every way impedes careful examination of documents, we have concerns that not everything is in order, so we decided to go to the court. Today, a preliminary hearing will take place, then the process will begin immediately,” said Iryna Lapitskaya.

It is planned to build the Amkodor-Mash plant, which will produce front-end and universal loaders with a lifting capacity of 2–5 tons, loaders with a telescopic boom, tractors with a hinged articulated frame with a capacity of 250–600 horse powers, in Kalodzishchy. The new enterprise will also produce ready-made vehicle kits for the assembly plants of the holding’s factories.