25 March 2019, Monday, 17:46
A Challenge for Everyone

The Old Decree With New Wrapping


They have started this war in vain. The regime will never win.

The ruler has attempted a crusade against the category of citizens that he hates so much without proper thinking. It seems that the allies failed him again – no one dared to object. Meanwhile, the idea was ridiculous. Usually, it’s the odious regimes of some provinces in Africa that practice such methods of method of replenishing the ruined treasury. And the never-to-be-forgotten Soviet Union tried to mark itself in this field. The results of its good intentions is widely known.

But the idea itself lives. And with a favorable set of circumstances, it also intends to win. Is it any wonder that the leadership of our beautiful country found it surprisingly creative and timely. A brilliant victory over parasitism could, with skillful presentation, be the best gift for the 25th anniversary of the one-person power. That is why the start of this campaign was powerful and promising.

However, something went wrong. The first attack failed. As expected, the officials confused everything. Held no deep reconnaissance. Did not take into account the mood of the masses. The terminology was not clarified. And the first version of the decree on parasites, instead of inspiring people to new labor achievements, caused an outburst of anger throughout the country. The outraged citizens then stated the essence of their claims to the authorities clearly and concisely: “Go away!”

So they had to retreat. And change the number of the decree. And then serve its updated version under the sauce of the ruler’s tiredless care about the creation of jobs for all those needy and discontent. However, the general idea was the same: to count everyone, put them all in a database, corner them and insolently force them to turn their pockets inside out. So that they would remember where they live. And whom they owe till they die. Otherwise, they will be stamped with the “parasite” status, and this is almost the same as the “enemy of the people”. But without the Stalin extremities yet.

The power is vindictive. It never forgets offenses. And the spring of the 2017 year will be remembered for a long time. Then such hopelessness, such despair, splashed out onto the streets and squares of large and small cities, that even the most stupid of the vertical could understand on the edge of which abyss the country turned out to be under this rigid power.

What parasites! The people told independent journalists how they had to survive, with prestigious professions and diplomas, on the salaries of three, two and even one hundred dollars. Or leave abroad to work. There are no other variants in this country under this government, and there will be none.

Apparently, those guys on top did hear their voices, but made queer conclusions. Instead of throwing that odious decree somewhere far away and think about the weird peciliarities of the local economy, they decided to re-write the document, applying fine calligraphy, and wrap it with “On Facilitating the Employment of the Population” So sweet! They care about the employment so much they cannot sleep.

At the August meeting with the confidants, the ruler explained why this fundamental document is so dear to him. “The society should know that there can be no cancellation of the decree. I have already explained this issue: we have at least half a million people who are not working here. We can release from fees 200 thousand of them – those who have many children, are sick, disabled people, people who may want to work, but they don’t work because of the life circumstances. But where do 300 thousand go? Therefore, the Decree #3 is for those 300 thousand who can work, but do not work. And we have to make them work. That's the whole ideology. ”

Why is it the whole ideology? And where are as ferocious statements at the address of those unique specialists of all levels in the current government, who managed to transform the post-Soviet country with the most favorable starting conditions into some kind of semi-African Jamahiriya. With the never-changing and noisy chieftain at lead. With beggarly earnings and meager pensions. With heavy debt and a black hole in perspective. And besides, we need to urgently intercept somewhere else a round sum for current expenses.

The allies did not let him down. They made the lists of 500 thousand alleged parasites, whom they could shake down under the new decree. If they succeed in taking a dollar or ten from everyone – here comes huge money! Out of nowhere, in fact! And they will shake down the people without shame, on a large scale. How can they miss such an opportunity?

However, this rosy picture has a dark side. A too ambiguous figure turned out in the end - 500 thousand. It reminds not so much of the endless queue of potential taxpayers, as the intelligence data about the opposing army. Is the vertical sure that such an army can be dispossessed without any problems?

Ambiguous paragraphs and colourful wrapping on the hastily adopted decree may not seem to them a sufficiently convincing reason for hasty settlement with the officials. And what if all this army again will take to the streets and squares of our cities and knock into the closed gates of the overstayed power one day?

December is a hasty month. The New Year comes too son to notice. But for the time being the illusions are bright and the prospects are superb. It is even hard to believe that the upcoming campaign against the parasites is the very gift that the leading Santa Claus prepared for the country. However, not much time is left before February, when the last doubts will be scattered. The little kindergarten kids have already got somewhere a box of matches, and are diligently preparing the luxurious show for the subordinate country: with one window, letters of happiness in the new wording and fabulous fireworks.

Let the kids play. No wonder that it was them who once entrusted the country with their fate. Nearly a quarter of a century in power, these frisky entertainers. It does not matter that for such a long time they themselves have not come up with anything. But easily found the coveted Stalin's closet. Full of various stuff. From barbed wire to stunning ideas. Everyone knows where the great power with all this stuff finally came. But they are sure that if they start all over again, they will succeed. And they will deal with the parasites, and they will build communism at their expense.

It is only important to start. And turn nowhere.

Uladzimir Khalip, specially for Charter97.org