24 March 2019, Sunday, 8:56
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Belarusians Withrdraw $600 Million From Foreign Currency Deposits This Year


In Belarus, foreign currency deposits have been nominally reduced for 16 months in a row.

This is evidenced by the statistical data of the National Bank on the monetary market in November, tut.by writes.

At the same time, the Belarusian ruble deposits have been rising for the second month in a row after the September fall.

In November, deposits in Belarusian rubles increased by 52.6 million rubles. In August, deposits in the national currency increased by BYN 15.3 million, and in September they fell by BYN 12.4 million. Prior to this, the last time deposits in the national currency fell nominally in July 2017.

At the beginning of December, ruble deposits amounted to BYN 3 billion 949.4 million.

In November, foreign currency deposits fell by $ 20.1 million. For comparison: in October they decreased by $ 27.1 million, in September - by $ 6.2 million, in August - by $ 59.1 million, in July - by $ 48.8 million, in June - by $ 72.3 million, in May - by $ 97.1 million, in April they fell by $ 112.6 million, in March - by $ 78.9 million, in February - by $ 66.1 million dollars, in January - by $14, 1 million. At the beginning of December, deposits in foreign currency amounted to $ 6 billion 86.9 million.

Since the beginning of this year, foreign currency deposits have declined by $ 602.7 million.