11 December 2019, Wednesday, 6:36
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Authorities Don't Let Dzmitry Zavadski's Mother Leave the House

Authorities Don't Let Dzmitry Zavadski's Mother Leave the House

Entrance ramp is unsolved problem for a "welfare" state.

Several days ago, independent Belarusian media covered the news that mother of the gone missing cameraman Dzmitry Zavadski - Volha Ruhorauna - had been wheelchair-bound for two years already and could not be on her own, bydc.info writes.

It is caused by cancer and a number of other severe health problems. It is known that Volha Ruhorauna asked to build a special entrance ramp for her.

Indeed, on 29.10.2018, with the help of the specialists of the "Belarusian Documentation Center" O.R. Zavadskaya sent the following statement to the head of the administration of the Frunzenski district, A.N. Tzuran:

"I'm asking you to help me find a solution to the barrier-free environment in my area. I am an old-age pensioner and I have the disease-related 2nd disability group, I am wheelchair-bound. I live on the second floor. There is an elevator in the house. And I can easily reach the first floor. On the ground floor, 6 high stairway steps prevent me from going down to the exit.

Outdoors the situation is the same - a narrow, uncomfortable slip way has such a slope that makes safe movement in a wheelchair impossible; it is not equipped with a banister.

I contacted the Frunzenski district social security department. As a result, the slip way was cemented near the entrance. However, it does not solve my problem.

I need constant care and help from my loved ones. I need to go to the oncology clinic for chemotherapy procedures, take tests, undergo examinations (brain CT, ultrasound, mammography, etc.). Also, I have had no opportunity for outdoor walks for more than two years. Every trip to the dispensary and to the checkups is a big problem and stress for my family. My husband doesn't have the physical strength to carry me in his arms, plus the weight of the wheelchair. So we have to look for passers-by, neighbors to help him. And unfortunately, we don't always get that kind of help.

Dear Artsyem Mikalaevich! I respectfully ask you to pay attention to this petition. I'm sure that I will not be the one who needs this ramp in our house. Numerous young parents, elderly people - all of them need a barrier-free environment and will be grateful to the district administration for the attention paid to their problems. Such actions of the administration will also be a direct confirmation of our country's compliance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the implementation of the Convention in the Republic of Belarus for 2017 - 2025 ...".

Unfortunately, Volha Ryhorauna has already received a negative response:

As it follows from the answer, there is no hope of installing the ramp at the earliest. It is unlikely that it will be installed even in 2019, as these works must be included in the schedule in advance. At the same time, such a ramp is neither technically complicated nor expensive.