23 February 2019, Saturday, 4:39
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Belarus Is Routinely Preparing For War With Ukraine


Lukashenka cannot be trusted.

Today, famous Ukrainian military journalist Miroslav Gai wrote that on his Facebook page:

– Everything is moving towards a bigger war.

Belarus has stopped military cooperation with Ukraine. Ukrainians used to buy aiming sights for SVD PSO-1 and 2 in Belarus. Some thermal imaging and dark-duty equipment. Also, the Belarusians produce combat control systems for air defense. Stugna has also been developed jointly with Belarusians – it is a later version of the anti-tank complex Skif.

Ukrainians used Belarusian services to repair helicopters as well.

Belarus used to export fuel and lubricant materials for the aviation in Ukraine.

Also, Ukrainians used to buy there some engines and transmissions.

In other words, this is treason.

I have written many times that Lukashenka cannot be trusted. That the West-2017 exercises were meant for drawing up the Russian Federation military forces near the Ukrainian northern borders.

Now the military equipment is not sold to Ukraine anymore and the cooperation has been put on hold.

This is a routine preparation for a bigger war, which is already on.

Now we race one another, playing this game.