16 December 2018, Sunday, 7:56
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Miachyslau Hryb: I Am Acquainted With Charter-97 Team And Support It


The authorities block those who are high powered on the information field.

Chairman of the Supreme Council of the 12th convocation, police lieutenant-general Miachyslau Hryb stated that, commenting on the blocking of the Charter97.org site in Belarus:

– Undoubtedly, they block those who can make a strong competition in the information field. The authors of the Charter-97 have always openly expressed their opinions. Comments by opposition politicians and activists, such as, for example, the leader of the civil campaign European Belarus Andrei Sannikov, often appeared on the website.

Many people used Charter97.org to express their opinion, express their hopes that political changes could soon take place in Belarus. Obviously, this did not please the authorities. So they decided to block the website.

The fact is that nobody likes to hear the truth, but the authorities do not like the truth even more. And they see the Charter-97 as a threat for themselves.

The latest actions of the authorities, I mean the dismissal of three major propagandists Pavel Yakubovich, Henadz Davydzka and Yury Kaziyatka in one day and by one decree demonstrates that, apparently, the authorities vainly hope to raise the rating of the state mass media.

I believe that initially the Belarusian state mass media cannot make a competition to the Russian mass media, which is stronger since the times of the USSR. I think that we shouldn't expect any changes in this situation.

I know the Charter97.org team and I support it. I wish the editorial board a successful struggle and work.

In fact, I believe that today such blockings do not make sense. The Internet provides different ways to bypass any blocks.

You know, there are positive moments in blocking. For example, Charter97.org now is in the centre of increased attention due to the blocking. People analyze, discuss the situation.

You know, no one can damage the authorities more than they can damage themselves.