19 July 2019, Friday, 20:20
We are in the same boat

Sociologists Reported What Average Belarusian Is


Most Belarusian men live in cities, one in five in Minsk.

Sociologists have published data on Belarusian men who amounted to 4.422.000, or 46.6% of the total population in the country at the beginning of the year, BelTA writes.

Most of them live in cities, one in five in Minsk.

None of the area of activities cannot do without male participation, the high level of employment of men of able-bodied age (80.4%) remains. The average age of workers is 40.2 years.

Such activities as "construction", "transport activities, warehousing, postal and courier activities", "agriculture", "industry", "information and communication" are predominantly "men's" ones.