24 July 2019, Wednesday, 10:55
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Zmitser Dashkevich Fined for "Educational Visit" to Barbershop "Chekist"


Public activist is fined $368.

In early February after the visit of activists to owners of Barbershop "Chekist" Illya Myatlicki and Aleh Kot wrote a statement against Zmitser Dashkevich and Edward Palchis. Later both of them were summoned to court of the Tsentralny District and accused of petty hooliganism, tut.by writes.

On February 21 owners of the barbershop Illya Myatlicki and Aleh Kot gave witness testimony. Dashkevich and Palchis did not come to the court. According to Dashkevich, on that day they collected signatures for the establishment of the National University.

As is known, Dashkevich is convicted in absentia for petty hooliganism and fined 30 basic units - 735 rubles.

It will be recalled that on January 9 Dashkevich, Palchis and several other public activists visited barbershop "Chekist" on Timiryazeva Street. They intended to persuade owners to change the name and brought posters with names of representatives of the Belarusian intelligentsia shot dead on October 30, 1937. The action last 15 minutes. Founders recorded phone numbers of activists, had a private talk and promised to think it over.

Later one of owners told us that they decided not to change the name.