15 December 2018, Saturday, 13:24
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Right To Travel Abroad Will Have To Be Paid For


The document will cost around 30 euros.

Belarusians will receive ID-cards and biometric passports since January 1, 2019.

An ID-card is an identity document, which is designed to replace our current passports. The new identity card will look like the current driver's license. The ID-card will indicate the identity of the citizen, also contact and contactless chips will be inserted into it. The chips will contain an electronic signature of the owner, their digital photo, data on residence, marital status and children, as well as fingerprints. In the future ID-card is supposed to be used as a bank card, Delovoy Gomel writes.

It is not necessary to change the passport for the ID-card right from the beginning of January 2019. According to the plans, ID-cards and old passports before the expiration of their validity will be in force in Belarus. The cost of changing the passport will be the same as now - one base fee (currently Bn 24.5). Children under14 who receive their first ID card will receive it free of charge.

It is not necessary to make out a biometric passport, but without it you cannot go abroad. Passport will be valid for 10 years, its receipt will cost about 30 euros.

Thus, after 11 years Belarusians will again have to pay for the possibility of free travel abroad. We remind that before 2008, to cross the Belarusian border there was to be an authorization record in the Belarusian passport, for which it was necessary to pay a state fee.