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Who is undermining the Belarusian national security in the reality?

Who is undermining the Belarusian national security in the reality?

Head Of OAC, Minister of Defense Of Belarus Should Be Tried By Tribunal.

On January 24, 2018 the blocking of the most popular independent website Charter97.org started in Belarus. The Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus called the main reason for the blocking the publication by the website of the materials which damaged the national security of Belarus. Many politicians and analysts, especially from the neighboring countries, stated the opinion straightaway that the restriction of access to the ultra-popular website with the clearly indicated Belarusian patriotic position is nothing else but the clearance of the informational space of Belarus under the order, in the interests of the Kremlin.

Now, a month after the beginning of the blockage, certain statistical data confirming this presumption appeared. Well-known Russian rating portal Liveinternet.ru provides information not only related to the statistics of concrete websites, but also the data on the media of what national segment of the world wide web are read by Internet users of this or that country. I suggest the readers independently look at the data on the views by the Belarusian users of the informational media of the Russian and Belarusian segments lately.

Daily average number of news views:

Daily average number of news views by Belarusians in the Belarusian segment
Daily average number of news views by Belarusians in the Russian segment

Before the blocking of Charter'97, as seen in the diagram, Belarusians read 3 million 300 thousand pages of news websites related to the Belarusian segment, and 4 million 400 thousand pages of the Russian online media in average daily. After January 24, the number of pageviews by Belarusians in the Belarusian segment dropped to 2-2,1 million, while the number of views by Belarusians of the Russian news media sharply grew, almost to 5 million views per day. If previously the daily negative difference was -1.1 million views, now it has become a catastrophic -3 million. That is, for a month Belarusians will give preference to Russian media for 90-100 million views.

The hope that the readers of Charter'97, unable to bypass the blocking, will switch to the website of the Soviet Byelorussia, the newspaper of Lukashenka's administration, didn't come true. It may seem quite a paradox, but the number of the Soviet Byelorussia readers also significantly dropped. Not all Belarusian websites are presented in the statistics of the Liveinternet. Moreover, part of the readers of Charter'97 who bypass the block are recorded as foreigners. However, this does not abolish the general catastrophic trend.

It is worth remembering that millions of Belarusians have accounts in the Russian social networks Odnoklassniki.ru and vk.com, where they are regularly subjected to the Russian propaganda in the spirit of the "Russian world".

The trolls of the Russian and Belarusian special services are now actively promoting the idea that the Belarusian authorities are only repeating the actions of the Ukrainian authorities to block "undesirable websites and networks." But the difference is that the Ukrainian authorities in the conditions of the Russian aggression and occupation are defending the national informational security, and the Belarusian government is destroying its own, acting in the interests of the regional aggressor country.

During the trial of Yanukovych, which is now taking place in Kyiv, the world is exposed to more and more facts ofthe treason and betrayal of Yanukovych and his subordinates, primarily law-enforcers - the facts of the conscious deliberate collapse of the Ukrainian army, navy, and the law enforcement agencies. Many witnesses in this case speak of the complete subordination of the Ukrainian media to the interests of Russia on the eve of the war.

The Belarusian ruler once scornfully said that Ukraine gave away the Crimea by itself, having made not a single shot to defend it, and that he, unlike Ukrainians, will defend the Belarusian land from any aggressor till the end. I wonder, how is he going to do it?

I admit that the aging dictator Lukashenka, just like Yanukovych before his escape, does not rule the country anymore, but focuses on playing ice hockey, watching sports programs on TV and harvesting potatoes and water-melons in his residence in Drazdy. However, the Belarusian law-enforcers, in the first place head of the Operative Analytical Center (OAC) at Lukashenka's administration Andrei Pauliuchenka and Belarusian Minister of Defense Andrei Raukou, the official duties of whom include provision of informational and Cybersecurity of the country, should understand that their criminal actions on breaking the system of the national informational security can be considered co-partnership in the aggression of a foreign state against Belarus. As only in this way should the clearance of the informational segment of Belarus in favor of the aggressor country Russia should be assessed. These leaders should have long been tried by tribunal.

I also suggest that the fans of the Lukashenka regime in the West and in Ukraine take a look at the provided statistical data.

Messrs. corruptionists, or messrs. "useful idiots" (whatever you like better), are you still going to assure that the Belarusian authorities are striving to tear Belarus off Russia? I will only remind you that Russia's aggression against Georgia and Ukraine began during the years of the Olympic Games.

Dzmitry Bandarenka, coordinator of the "European Belarus" civil campaign.