13 December 2018, Thursday, 22:11
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Uladzimir Katsora: Independent Journalists Are Brave People


The authorities showed the importance of alternative media by blocking of Charter-97.

The activist from Homel, Uladzimir Katsora, said about this commenting on the blocking of the site Charter97.org in Belarus:

– The information resource Charter-97 is one of the few sites working for Belarus. The website acts against the interests of the authorities and some of the power holders, primarily Lukashenka.

Obviously, by blocking the website, the authorities reacted to the importance of Charter97.org.

We see that the authorities not only block the Charter-97, but also persecute journalists of other significant information resources that try to deliver truthful information to people. Today those journalists who cooperate with independent media and openly talk about what is happening in the country are brave people.

Unfortunately, such attitude demonstrated by the authorities towards independent mass media is the essence of the totalitarian regime.

It's no secret that today's power in Belarus in essence is pro-Russian. If you analyze the state media, then their pro-Russian essence is also visible. On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian People's Republic, this date is absolutely not covered. We can say that this significant event does not exist for the official authorities. Sovetskaya Belorussiya is no better than Russian TV channels today.

Everything is simple: the anti-Belarusian authorities are fighting with the independent, pro-Belarusian media.