21 November 2018, Wednesday, 5:49
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Makei Declared Determination to Send Belarusian "Peacekeepers" to Donbass

Uladzimir Makei

Minsk contemplates the deployment of the "peacekeeping contingent" on Donbass.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Uladzimir Makei stated that the authorities were ready to send Belarusian "peacekeepers" to Donbass to promote the resolution of the conflict. The diplomat stated that in an interview to the newspaper "Izvestia".

Makei stressed that Belarus keeps "an unbiased and fair position" towards all participants in the conflict.

"The deployment of peacekeepers, including Belarusian ones, can be an additional way to help the parties in the conflict," he noted.

He added that this conflict has started "in our family in the proper sense of the word", Uladzimir Makei stated.