21 April 2019, Sunday, 6:13
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Complaint By Mahiliou Dweller With Many Children Registered With UN


The participant of the protest actions against the decree on "parasites" appealed the decision of the Belarusian courts.

Alena Kren, who was fined for her participation in the "Non-Parasites March", appeals against the decision of the Belarusian courts at the international level. This is reported by Mahiliou Spring.

Alena Kren, who brings up four children, was fined on March 16, 2017 for 10 base fees for active participation in the "Non-Parasites March". The woman disagreed with this decision and appealed against it, however the cassation court upheld the fine.

According to Kren, she did not commit anything illegal, because she did not violate the public order, rights and freedoms of others by her actions.

"Judges and policemen rudely violated my rights guaranteed by the Constitution - freedom of rallies, freedom of expression, as well as the right to receive, store and distribute full, reliable and timely information," - Alena Kren said during the trial.

The woman referred to international legal documents, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which was ratified by Belarus.

- The judge of the Leninski district court Kastsiuk and the Ministry of Internal Affairs illegally ignored the priority of the generally recognized principles of international law, established by the special law "On international treaties of the Republic of Belarus".

Together with human rights activist Barys Buhel, Alena prepared a complaint and sent it to the UN Human Rights Committee at the end of last December.

On April 14, a response message from the HRC came - Kren's complaint was accepted and registered under number 3173/18. It was redirected to the Belarusian authorities to express their position.

Boris Buhel does not doubt the final success, since the complaints of the Belarusians at violation of the freedom of peaceful assembly are almost always recognized as justified and are satisfied by the HRC.