24 April 2019, Wednesday, 7:54
For our and your freedom!

Charter'97 Website Does Not Open In Russia


There have been problems with access to Charter97.org in the Russian Federation.

The editorial board is receiving complaints from Russian readers about the problem with access to Charter-97.

Most likely, the difficulties with access to Charter97.org have arisen because Roskomnadzor blocked the Telegram messenger. Initially, Telegram bypassed the blocking in Russia with the help of IP addresses from Amazon, but then Roskomnadzor blocked more than half a million of them. Also, a block containing more than a million IP-addresses of Google got in the register of banned sites. The Charter-97 site’s server is also at Amazon, so the work of the site may be interrupted in the territory of the Russian Federation.

We ask our readers to inform us on how our site is working in comments or via charter97@gmail.com.