16 January 2019, Wednesday, 22:32
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Ministry Of Energy: BelAES Contracts On Fuel Supply Signed For Next 14-15 Years


The deliveries will be handled by the Rosatom fuel division.

The general contract terms stipulate the delivery of fuel for the first load and one reload for each unit by Atomstroyexport, Deputy Minister of Energy of Belarus Mikhail Mikhadiuk told reporters on the sidelines of Atomexpo. The further fuel supplies will be provided not by Atomstroyexport, but by the TVEL company, the fuel division of Rosatom, tut.by reports.

"Reloading takes place a year later, when a part of the fuel has been burned, it is unloaded and re-loaded. We agreed and the general contract stipulates that the cost of manufacturing fuel will be formed on the same principles as for the Russian Federation, and raw materials will be bought at the spot market price, – Mikhadiuk notes.

Belarus expects to receive the first fuel basket in November.

The contract with TVEL has already been signed, it is about fuel supplies for the next 14-15 years, Mikhadiuk says. The price of fuel is a trade secret.

TVEL Senior Vice President Oleg Grigoriev assures that the fuel will be the most modern. "Undoubtedly, we will develop and upgrade this basic fuel in order to meet all the customer's requirements. The atomic energy industry must develop – there are too many competitors," – he adds.

Answering questions about the waste management, Mikhadiuk notes that the National Strategy for Radioactive Waste Management is now under development, and the strategy for handling operational waste has already been approved by the government. "As for the nuclear waste strategy, in principle we have an intergovernmental agreement with Russia stating that we can send fuel for processing to Russia. Now the most economically viable option is being developed. This year, the strategy is planned to be approved," – the deputy minister says.