19 January 2019, Saturday, 20:43
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Belarus Establishes Commissions on "Parasites"


The decision is not subject to appeal.

Regions have started the establishment of permanemt commissions on promotion of employment. Its establishment is stipulated by the updated "parasite" decree, tut.by informs.

Pruzhany and Kamyanets districts are the first to establish such commissions. This is provided by relevant decisions of District Executive Committees. It is noteworthy that commissions are entitled to request any information. The commission's decision is not subject to appeal.

District Executive Committees will ensure the operation of commissions. Commissions will establish the database of "parasites", notify about registration as a "parasite", and also send "parasites" to employment centers or Medical-Labour Centres. Information about registration of an unemployed as employed will be registered not later than the 10th of the second month of each quarter.

Commissions will also consider applications from "parasites" and their relatives for full or partial exemption from payment of utilities in full due to difficult life situations.

Commissions are also obliged to "focus" citizens on legal activity and make decisions on sending those who live anti-social life to Medical-Labour Centres.

At that, commissions have the right to request any information.

The meeting of the commission is considered valid at least with two third of its participants present. The decision of the commission shall be taken by an open voting. It will be considered accepted if more than half of members of the commission at the meeting voted for it. In case of equally divided votes, the chairman of the commission has the upper hand.

"The commission shall ensure full and objective consideration of all materials on each issue introduced for consideration at the meeting of the commission", the decision of the Pruzhany District Executive Committee notes.

Meetings will be held if necessary, but not less than twice a month.

The commission includes "deputies", medical practitioners, representatives of housing and communal services, trade unions, "White Russia" and others.

It will be recalled that on January 25 Lukashenka signed Decree № 1.

Later the government determined who would be subject to the updated "parasite" document, Decree No. 1. The Belarusians who are not employed are subject to the "parasite" decree, and they will pay the full cost of three utilities – gas supply, hot water supply and heating.

The Ministry of Labour will establish the "parasite" database. Its creation is planned by this December 1; it will be updated once a quarter.