17 January 2019, Thursday, 4:47
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Man With Knife Wounded Three Policemen In Homel Trolley Bus

The passenger was detained with shooting.

A man wounded three militiamen with a knife in a trolley bus in Homel. There was shooting during his detention and, as people wrote in social networks, he was detained. All, the attacker and the injured, are in the hospital.

The incident happened around midnight at the public transport stop Univermah in Homel. According to information in social networks, three policemen suffered from stab wounds during the attack of the man. It's not yet known whether they were on duty and wearing the uniform at this moment.

According to the community in the social network VK "This is Homel, baby!", the attacker has an outstanding conviction: he is serving his sentence either in the colony-settlement, or his freedom of movement is restricted.

As Homel.today writes with reference to its own sources, three policemen in civilian clothes tried to detain the man, but he resisted using a knife. The publication claims that "the people in civilian clothes" received "serious injuries to their legs," and the offender fled.

As the Emergensy Situation in Homel group writes in Vkontakte, referring to eyewitnesses, the man fled from the colony-settlement. According to unconfirmed reports from Onliner.by, the criminal was detained at "about 6 am" by riot police officers. The community claims that "he is in hospital with a bullet wound."

ProGomel.by claims that "about 20 patrol cars" were chasing a "sturdy" man who was "about 185 cm high", he allegedly run to the river, jumped into the water, tried to swim the Sozh and was detained by rescuers on the boat.

The police officers, according to the publication, made two warning shots in the air, then they started to shoot the men at his feet. Shot attacker surrendered.