20 April 2019, Saturday, 6:20
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Protest At Farm Near Homel: Workers Rally To Dismissed Milkmaid’s Defense


The employees are outraged by the actions of the leadership.

Milkmaids and other employees of the agricultural enterprise Kryusk (Homel region) are outraged by the actions of the leadership. They are fighting against the "repressive," as they believe, dismissal of a colleague, Belsat reports.

The confrontation began several years ago, when several milkmaids and an artificial insemination operator asked some "uncomfortable questions" – first, to the agricultural enterprise head, and then to higher authorities – from the district executive committee to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The complaints stated the inability to privatize at reasonable prices houses in the village of Miafiodauka, the absence of payment for work on weekends and holidays, bonuses, material assistance, inadequate working conditions and other violations of the law.

The inspections started, after which the Kryusk director left his post.

His place was taken by Aliaksandr Liaychonak, who got into a scandal when he was in charge of the Belarusnafta-Asobina enterprise. On the video posted on the Internet shows how the enterprise was run: dead birds stayed for 5-6 days in tractor trailers, dirt and stink were around. After the appearance of the video, a criminal case was initiated against the head, which was forwarded to the prosecutor's office in the autumn, from where it was supposed to go to court. But Aliaksandr Liaychonak’s traces were lost for some time, and in the spring of 2015, he headed the Kryusk farm.

With his arrival, a counterattack against those who had written complaints began, Kryusk workers say. It came to the dismissal – as in the case of artificial insemination operator Hanna Krasnikava, who appealed to the court.

Other workers also went to court, demanding to recognize labor contracts, work schedules and job descriptions illegal.