16 February 2019, Saturday, 21:33
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Belarusian Investigative Committee’s Facebook Page Hacked


The page reports that the Ministry of Communications has stopped its activities by Lukashenka’s order.

In the morning of June 12, the page of the Belarus Investigative Committee on Facebook was hacked.

On behalf of the Investigative Committee, there was posted the information that "by Aliaksandr Lukashenka’s order, the Ministry of Communications and Information terminates all its activities, unfriendly towards the Russian Federation." Later, another fake message appeared.

The head of the IC information and public relations department, Siarhgei Kabakovich, told Euroradio that attempts are now being made to restore the access to the page, the information that is contained therein is untrue. Does this look like an orchestrated campaign? "It's still difficult to say, we will see into it," – Kabakovich says.

As Charter97.org reported, the Twitter account of Lukashenka’s administration deputy head Maksim Ryzhankou was hacked on Monday. A fake letter to the head of the presidential administration of Russia, signed by Natallia Kachanava and Lukashenka’s administration head, was placed there. On behalf of the head of state, it offered "apologies to Russian colleagues for the measures we have taken against the Russian Federation in the field of information security." Yesterday, law enforcement agencies started to investigate into who was behind that provocation.