17 February 2019, Sunday, 19:50
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Kilometer Long Column Of Military Equipment Rode In Hrodna At Night


What happened to the asphalt on the roads?

When caterpillar vehicles go along the asphalt rods, it always makes the hearts of car owners cry, especially those who pay taxes for roads, the autogrodno.by website writes.

Yesterday's travel of the military machinery caused an ambiguous reaction in social networks. In particular, when driving through the Soviet Border Guards Street, the machinery left traces on the road surface.

Reader Dzmitry has sent a video of the column's travel, and journalists looked at the state of the asphalt 12 hours later.

– There was quite a lot of military machinery and most of it was on caterpillars. In total, it took the column 8 minutes to pass by. It was driving on two pathways at once and was escorted by the traffic police. There was a lot of dust and smoke behind the column. The asphalt is also not in the best condition," – Dzmitry, the author of the video, informed.

Even after a night, clear caterpillar tracks are seen on the road.

Even the "sleeping policemen" got the treatment: