26 March 2019, Tuesday, 20:11
For our and your freedom!

Police Try To Push Kurapaty Defenders Away From ‘Let’s Go And Have A Meal’ Restaurant


The traffic police started a clash near the gate of the eating place.

Human rights activists of the HRC Viasna, headed by Ales Bialiatski, joined the Kurapaty defenders today. Also, according to Pavel Seviarynets, people from Babruisk and Vitsebsk came.

At about 12.30, a garbage truck and a food car were going to enter the entertainment complex, but the protesters did not let them in, reports euroradio.fm.

Then six policemen and traffic police tried to remove the protesters from the passage. Tatsiana Seviarynets fell to the ground during the clash. However, they could not push the protesters off the road. Protocols for the violation of traffic rules were made against Pavel Seviarynets and Aliaksei Turovich.