21 March 2019, Thursday, 5:44
A Challenge for Everyone

Two Picketers Hit By Car With RF Numbers At Entrance To Let’s Go Get Some Eats! Restaurant


The driver of Mazda did not stop in front of the defenders of Kurapaty.

The driver of Mazda with the Russian numbers did not stop in front of the defenders of Kurapaty, who were picketing the Let’s Go Get Some Eats! restaurant, and two people were hit by the car – Yauhen Batura and Vasil (the surname is unknown), Radio Svaboda reports.

Both of them got light injuries.

The driver of Mazda also insulted the activists.

"They made up stories about those victims, and now they are making a problem," – the driver said.

Traffic policemen drew up a report against the driver for violating traffic rules. But at the same time they drew up protocols against five defenders of Kurapaty, including Dzianis Sadouski and Yauhen Batura, for walking on the roadway.