23 February 2019, Saturday, 21:04
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Postcard To Fighters For Belarus Issued

The postcard is dedicated to Belarusian anti-Bolshevik movement of 1919-1924.

Journalists of the Belarusian Radio Racyja Aliaksei Trubkin and Artsiom Sizintsau, holder of the Kastus Kalinouski scholarship Andrus Tsianiuta and graphic designer Ihar Vensko issued a postcard, dedicated to the Belarusian anti-Bolshevik movement of 1919-1924.

The basis of cards, which was published with a circulation of 500 copies, is the specially made color version of the famous photo of partisan chieftain Lukaš Siamenik, which until now has been widely available only in black and white and in very poor quality.

The partisans of the rebel division headed by Lukaš Siamenik (center). To the right — Jurka Monič. Behind the chieftain is - Vasil Mucha. The village of Vialikaje Stachava, 1919.

At the time of designing the card, new facts were discovered about the pictures. First of all, this is the place (The village of Vialikaje Stachava, near Barysaú), where the photograph was taken. Also, they managed to specify the date - 1919 instead of 1920, which appeared in the Belarusian historical literature. The same applies to the correct name of chieftain Lucaš Siamenik, which was misinterpreted differently back in the days of his guerrilla detachment’s activities, as evidenced by an article in the Minsk newspaper of that time, "The Belarusian life" #3 (25) 1920.

Lucaš Siamenik is a Belarusian military, a native of the village of Trajanaúka, Chalopeničy region, Barysaú district. Member of the First World War. Organizer of the First Belarusian partisan division, which has successfully operated against the Bolsheviks in the Barysaú and Minsk districts in the first half of 1919. The division had about 50 people.