20 February 2019, Wednesday, 11:19
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Lukashenka Offers Miss Belarus-2018 To Head Collective Farm


The girl said she was ready to try herself in agriculture.

The winner of the national contest "Miss Belarus 2018" Maryja Vasilevich was spotted next to Aliaksandr Lukashenka while visiting the collective farm "Rodina" in Bialynichy, BelSat reports.

As reported by BelTA, on July 10, Maryja Vasilevich attended a local holiday in the agro-town of Vishov, where workers of the agricultural cooperative were honored. What she did there — the state media do not specify. Today, Lukashenka also visited this agro-town.

Visiting the museum of the collective farm "Rodina", Lukashenka offered Maryja Vasilevich to sit at the table of the first chairman of the farm and jokingly suggested that she might have to head an agricultural enterprise.

Later, the girl told the reporters that if Lukashenka was serious, and the proposal would be in force, then she is ready to try herself in agriculture, but first she needs to work out a two-year contract at the place of her current work.

The final of the contest "Miss Belarus 2018" was held on May 4 in the Palace of Republic in Minsk. 20-year-old Maryja Vasilevich won. This year the girl graduated from BSEU. Lukashenka traditionally watched the final of the contest.