27 March 2019, Wednesday, 4:32
For our and your freedom!

Maksim Viniarski: Our Weapons Are Openness And Sincerity


The confrontation in Kurapaty enters its critical stage.

Yesterday's events showed that the owners of the Let's Go Get Some Eats restaurant started to be hysterical, because they realized that they are losing, that neither arrests nor time will force us to stop the rallies. That's why the bandits broke down, moved from threats to action, the coordinator of the civil campaign European Belarus Maksim Viniarski writes on Facebook.

Yesterday employees of the restaurant beat members of the daily guard. It was clear that this was a planned action. Bandits called the police and took advantage of the fact that there were protocols drawn against some of our people. They used the same tactic last Saturday.

Demons shake with anger. Well, we need to be united and not let them provoke us, not let them divide us. Our main weapon is openness and sincerity, including among ourselves. No secret transactions here will give any results, they will only strengthen the bandits. We should conduct all negotiations openly and with those who are at the avant-garde, otherwise they will be meaningless. Everyone must do what one can, and these days there is something to do for everyone. Demons are most afraid of the light directed at them. For security purpose, we should publicly record their each step. The same goes for the "visitors" of the restaurant.

Please, all who are not indifferent, come and support the watch in Kurapaty. If you cannot block the entrance to the restaurant – catch on video what's going on, spread the information. The more our people around, the more restrained even the most laddish geeks get. The owners and administration of the restaurant feel our pressure, and they are no longer able to bear it. We must put this evil away. Now everything depends on us, we must ensure that no one else is injured and that the Stalin's executioners’ descendants are finally shown their place. This is our citizen sentence to the evil, something that was not completed in the 90th. This is our chance. Do not miss it.