22 March 2019, Friday, 18:09
A Challenge for Everyone

Minsk Driver Breaks Windshield Of Traffic Police Car With His Feet


The incident occurred in the evening of July 18.

In Minsk, a detained drunk driver kicked the windshield of the traffic policeman’s car, with his feet, BelTA learned from the traffic police department of the Zavodzki district directorate of internal affairs of Minsk Nastassia Zabauskaya.


The incident occurred on the evening of 18 July. The police received a call from a Minsk citizen, who said that a drunk driver was driving a vehicle in the Angarskaya Street. The inspectors went to the address indicated. As it turned out, a 27-year-old man drank, and after he got behind the wheel and went to the nearest store for an extra. Eyewitnesses tried to stop him, but failed.


"The traffic police officers detained the offender. The medical examination showed 2.55 ppm of alcohol in his blood. In the patrol car the young man suddenly began to behave aggressively, tried to get out of the car on the run, made attempts to grab the wheel. The traffic police officers handcuffed the violent citizen. Providing resistance to the police, the intruder smashed the windshield of the patrol car with his feet. For further investigation, the hooligan was taken to the police station," - Nastassia Zabauskaya told.

The investigative authorities will give a legal assessment to the man’s actions.