21 February 2019, Thursday, 3:42
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Lukashenka Threatens To Fire Government This Week


The dictator spoke about the "indifferent attitude to his instructions."

At the meeting on the implementation of his assignments on the integrated development of Vorsha district, Lukashenka demanded to offer him proposals on changes in the government leadership this week , BelTA informs.

According to the dictator, the only reason for not fulfilling his instructions is "the government's indifferent attitude toward these instructions."

"That is why, this week, submit proposals to replace the entire leadership of the government, the entire top with the candidate pool I have formed," - the ruler demanded. "Stop hanging upon their words, when they tell us how difficult it is for them, how hard it is for them!"

Lukashenka instructed to propose alternatives to the ministers of industry and construction. "He was doing nothing, could not repair the roof - fulfill my commission. Who had the right to cancel my decisions? And why did not they do it, why did not they fulfill my assignments, as I said? Why is the construction trust frittering away time?" - the dictator asked.

"Dismiss Pazniak ( the Vorsha District Executive Committee chairman) and find him another job," - the ruler demanded.

"And God help you, if you do not fulfill what you have planned (yesterday you presented this program to us), and what I have ordered you to do," Lukashenka warned. - Alternatively, send Vovk (Minister of Industry Vital Vovk) here - he will deal with all this industry. I told Sherstsniou yesterday: let him decide what position Vovk will take. If he does not do it - he will go, where I told him to go yesterday."