20 February 2019, Wednesday, 11:18
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Case Is Not Dismissed: 6-Year-Old Girl's Mother From Homel Continues To Sue Authorities

Natallia Belaya filed an appeal.

Natallia Belaya, a woman from Homel, who sued with the kindergarten because it considered that there was a socially dangerous situation (SDS) in her family, filed an appeal with the regional court, Homel based HRC Viasna informs.

We remind, that the court of first instance considered that the young mother could not prove that her moral suffering is related to the letter from the kindergarten's head.

In the appeal Natallia Belaya states that the court did not establish the depth her moral sufferings, although officials acknowledged in an official notification that her family demanded increased pedagogical attention, stated that the family was in a socially dangerous situation (SDS) due to the temporary unemployment of the child's mother and ordered her to urgently find a job otherwise they threatened that her family would be registered with the SDS department.

Natallia believes that such a letter is the main proof of her moral suffering, because it contains blackmail, threats and intimidation.

She still believes that the kindergarten did interfere with her personal life.

The results of her claims to the kindergarten we will learn in a month, as such is the period of consideration of appeals in the regional court.