20 February 2019, Wednesday, 21:44
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Minsk Citizens Scrambled In Order To Get Free Ice Cream At Store Opening


The people were tearing up boxes, pushing one another and scattering packages.

The other day, the opening of a new store in Karzhaneuski Street in Minsk turned into something very obscene. An ordinary promo event with tasting of products ended with a jam, pulling out of boxes and salutes of ice cream, which, naturally, was captured on video, onliner.by writes.

Tatsiana Bulanava posted an embarrassing video on YouTube. In the video, someone is throwing ice cream packages from the shop door and the buyers are actively fighting for them. From the outside, it seems that the "gifts" are being given to the people by the store employees, but the company claims that all this is the work of the buyers.

– The opening of the store was delayed for technical reasons. We just wanted to treat people to ice cream in a civil way, to arrange a normal tasting, to bring out tables. But the people turned out to be some kind of aggressive, started to grab the ice cream, tearing up the boxes. Then someone from the back rows started to shout that they did not get any, in response the customers at the door started to scatter the packaging, "treating" everyone, – marketing consultant of the Trya store Iryna Tsinik commented on the video.