20 February 2019, Wednesday, 5:13
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Employees Of Luninets District Consumers Society Obliged To Shop In Society’s Stores


Green sheets with the seal of the Luninets district consumers society are designed for payment in the shops of their trading network.

Readers informed the editorial office of Media Palesse about such innovation and sent a photo of those "certificates".

The customers say that the amount of purchases will be deducted from the salary.

In appearance, the "certificate" is an ordinary A4 sheet of green color, cut into several parts. It shows the name of the organization - the Luninets district consumers society, the document number (it was covered in the photo for confidentiality purposes) and the amount.

The so-called certificate says the following: "The certificate is presented as a means of payment by the employee of the system in the retail enterprises of the Luninets district consumers society". The sheet bears a seal of the consumer society, the expiration date is specified.

Outraged readers told that they received such "certificates" recently, and they are valid till September 30 inclusive. That is, the people are supposed to buy goods for BYN 50, 70 or 100 rubles, depending on the amount of the certificates received, in the shops of the Luninets district consumers society within 10 days.

If the owner of such a "certificate", for example, for BYN 10 buys something and the amount of purchase is less, no one will return the change in the store.

Why the workers of the Luninets district consumers society don’t have the right to spend honestly earned money where it is convenient for them, is not specified. As well as why the change must remain in the store.

"Such a scheme resembles the Soviet Union with the notorious coupon system," the readers note.

Indeed, you go to the store not with money, but with a simple green piece of paper.

According to the readers, such measures are taken by the Luninets district consumers society to keep the buyer in the face of growing competition.

Journalists sent a written request to the Luninets district consumers society to comment on this decision. The enterprise’s administration did not wish to promptly clarify the situation by phone.