25 April 2019, Thursday, 17:54
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The Vorsha District: How Bad It Is


Here are the problems faced by the "exemplary" region, in numbers.

Many years ago, the presidential candidate promised to "start up the plants." 25 years later, the Development Program of the Vorsha District until 2023 appeared, from which it became clear how everything is running, writes blogger and journalist Viktar Malisheuski on the antijournalist.by website.

This is something new that the country, among other things, learned about Vorsha ...

32% of secondary education institutions are equipped with modern facilities and training equipment (they promise 51.3% by 2023).

78% of the area’s highways are used although the terms of thorough overhaul have expired.

61.2% of the Vorsha district highway needs maintenance.

60-70% - this is the level of depreciation of vehicles of the organizations of the road fund (by 2023 they promise 45%).

430 families with many children remain on the record as those in need of improved housing conditions. If, according to the "Development Program ...", they build for them 3,000 square meters of housing per year, in about 10 years all large families will receive apartments.

93 engineers are lacked by Vorsha industrial enterprises (say hello to obligatory student assignment).

The stock of the Vorsha tool factory is 4.8 times higher than the monthly production scope, the one of the Vorsha flax processing plant is 5,7 higher.

30% of production space is not involved in OJSC “Plant Legmash ”, OJSC“ Vorsha Tool Plant”.

45% - up to this level, by 2023, it is planned to ensure the loading of production capacities for the production of processed cheese at the Vorshasyrzavod enterprise.

It is even curious what the situation is there now.

75.2% - such is the runout of the active part of fixed assets of JSC Stankozavod Krasny Borets, 57% - of the Vorsha Tool Plant (there are machines used since 1974, when the plant just opened), and 69.5% - at JSC Legmash. And it turns out that by order of Lukashenka, an enterprise with a runout of equipment of 75.2% should supply machines to an enterprise with a 57% runout.

Minus 53.5% - this is the negative profitability of cattle sales.

Minus 5.55% is the profitability of sales of Vorsha milk.

48% of combine harvesters, 47% of tractors are operated with expired terms in the district.

For 6 years in a row (since 2013) the agriculture of the Vorsha district has been unprofitable.