19 April 2019, Friday, 0:37
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Utilities-2019: The "Parasite" Tariff To Be Introduced For Everyone


How much will the Belarusians actually pay for housing and utility services?

We'll pay more for utilities this month. Tariffs rates have significantly increased, but prices for citizens, not employed in the economy, have increased even more, Belsat informs.

Why do unemployed apartment owners have to pay more? How much does the January utility bill of "parasites" differ from the one of an "ordinary family"?

Water supply, gas, electricity, sewerage, major repairs, garbage disposal - everything is getting more expensive. But some people will experience higher prices. Those who are not employed in the economy will pay more for utilities - the authorities decided.

Journalist Aliaksandra Kvitkevich comments:

"It is done to encourage the employed in the economy to get a job, pay taxes. I don't think this is a very effective measure, because, first of all, there are very few apartment owners and "parasites".

Owners of housing, included in the "parasite" list, will pay in full since January.

Pinskers say:

"I do not feel great about it; my son doesn't work either - he can't get a job after graduation".

"If people don't work, give them a job. If you have a job, you have something to pay for".

"Where would they get this money? I think people have been constantly divided into the rich and the poor".

"People will have any money. All that remains is to smile".

What do figures say?

In total, as calculated by journalists, the cost of utility bills for a family of three in a two-room apartment will increase by more than Br30, if the owner of the apartment is a "parasite". And by 53 rubles, if an unemployed person lives alone.

Thus, a "rent bill" of an unemployed person will be almost 21 rubles more than if he lived with his family. At the same time, "non-parasites" have only gas supply and heating subsidized.

Aliaksandra Kvitkevich comments:

"Parasites" have to pay in full on their own; their family members will pay as usual. Moreover, after a while tariff rates will rise in price for everyone. We will pay 100% for everything".

Belarusians comment on the situation:

"There's no money in the country, it only lives on fines. Everything is fined".

"The game is over for the budget, they say, every method to get money from people is good".

Since this year tariffs on public utilities have increased throughout Belarus. The price for heating also grows in early June.