19 April 2019, Friday, 0:34
For our and your freedom!

Lukashenka: We Are Russians Ourselves


The dictator has once called Belarusians “Russians with a quality mark”.

Lukashenka said this at the meeting in the run-up to the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian diplomatic service attended by the former foreign ministers of Belarus, BelTA reports.

“I and especially Uladzimir Makei [Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus] have recently been accused of being too pro-western. The matter is not about the tax maneuver carried out in the oil industry of Russia. We will survive it. What I do not quite get is the attack on Belarus in mass media (I think I will have to address this question to the Russian leadership). They seem to be doing it cautiously, by touch, but the things like Batka-1, Batka-2, Batka-3...

I am concerned by the attempts to cause a clash between Belarusian and Russians.

You know this video in the Internet, when someone on the subway provoked a conflict with another person and very soon (you get the feeling it was ordered from Russia) this story was served up as an example of attacks on Russian people. When I learned about this incident, I immediately ordered to find out more about it.

It turned out that no Russians were in this video. It was a conflict between two Belarusians. It is noteworthy that the conflict was quickly recorded (it is easy to make such videos today) and rushed into the Internet. And they [Russian media] grasped at it. It turned out that one of the two Belarusians was a former riot police member who had served a prison term for a bribe. The second Belarusian was a headcase. A broil emerged. What does it have to do with Russians?!

If only this theme becomes timely, especially in the Russian media, then tomorrow, even if there are no hoodlums in Belarus ready to beat Russians, they will send them to us. You know, they can send them to us from any country of the world, in order such videos would keep appearing in the internet. And then they will throw them to the main TV channels of russia, without figuring out the real state of affairs.

We are Russians ourselves, it’s impossible top set us againsat each other. Belarusians are Russians with a quality mark,” the dictator said.