19 April 2019, Friday, 0:33
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Lukashenka: We Are Not Against Common Currency With Russia


The dictator has said that he is not against “uniting with Russia.”

Lukashenka has called the conditions on which the development of union construction with Russia is possible, including the introduction of a single currency, the unification of tax and customs policy.

He has stated this at a today meeting on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian diplomatic service, which was attended by foreign ministers who at various times headed the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, BelTA informs.

“A union – why not. An alliance– why not, but only people must decide on this, not us. We do not refuse any thesis. If someone starts talking to me about the union, then again from the roof: let's have a common currency.

We are not against a common currency, but it should be a common currency, not the currency of the Central Bank of Russia. There must be an emission center created on equal terms. If you give an example of the EU, well – let it be on the principles of the European Union. But the conditions and the approach must be equal,” – the dictator said.

“Do you want to unify the tax and customs policy? I agree. I said it last time: let’s do it on the best traditions and conditions, let’s take all the best from Belarusians and Russians. But not in the following way: we are big, you are small, do it the way we have it here,” – Lukashenka said.