23 April 2019, Tuesday, 15:58
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Lukashenka Identifies ‘Carrots’ For Officials


The officials’ “carrots” can be easily found, for example, in the form of the elite real estate in Drazdy.

Lukashenka once again raised the topic of which qualities a Belarusian official should have, at the meeting on January 22.

- The task is to make the state service similar to the military service, to elaborate precise and full requirements to passing thereof, having raised the image of the state administration in general, - such recommendation was given by Aliaksandr Lukashenka to his vertical, as they discussed the new law on the state service.

He added straightaway that an official should be modest, not being after material wealth.

– I warned all of you that these carrots, that we traditionally hand over in any law in the form of some social guarantees, should not exceed the existing limit. The material state of the state employees should grow or fall correspondingly with the growth or fall of the life level of our population, - he said.

Solidarity has reminded what other features a state official should have, according to the state leader. And which “carrots” they should receive for being good.

Live like under military charter

– If we adopt a certain charter, like the military men have, okay, let it be the charter. But the people should see that the president sets strict requirements to the state officials. And for this they are supposed to get this or that.

For any violation they should leave the office and go to jail, - Lukashenka said at the meeting in the summer 2018.

Among the “carrots” intended for the officials, Lukashenka named “providing accommodation, medicine, enlist their children to school or kindergarden”.

Get to grips with agriculture

– Protect the plants and prepare to the bread harvesting. This should be dead-set. If we need certain amount of silage, then it should be this very amount and not more. Everyone will bear responsibility for that, from specialists to the Prime Minister.

We all know how to do it, but because of the lack of discipline, we lose huge money, - the head of state gave instructions to then Prime Minister Myasnikovich in 2016, and ordered that “all complexes must be filled with pigs”.

Know how to talk with journalists

- I don’t know how you’ll do this, but if I hear or read in the Internet that an official doesn’t talk to journalists, or doesn’t provide the information he is supposed to provide ... make suggestions to replace him immediately, - Lukashenka was indignant at the round table with the bosses of the state media.

- If you come as the minister, deputy, head of the enterprise, be kind to talk to journalists, no matter how difficult and complicated it may seem, - Aliaksandr Lukashenka taught the negligent officials.

… and fix a roof

The story when the head of Belarus dismissed the entire government during a meeting in Vorsha has not yet been forgotten. At the same time he reprimanded the Minister of Construction for the collapsed roof at the local enterprise.

- He was sitting there and could not repair the roof - fulfill the order of the president. Who had the right to cancel my decisions that were put publicly before the people? The issue should have been resolved unassailably, - Lukashenka chewed out.


Regardless of the fact that all the demands and threats of the head of state to the officials have long been known, and their “carrots” are easy to find, for example, the elite real estate in Drazdy, the state machine has not started working any better.

Something prompts that the new law on the state service is unlikely to help to make a Belarusian official perfect – at least in accordance with the version of Aliaksandr Lukashenka.