27 September 2020, Sunday, 19:15
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Francis Fukuyama: I Don't Think Russia Will "Digest" Belarus Easily

Francis Fukuyama: I Don't Think Russia Will "Digest" Belarus Easily

The Stanford University Professor - on the integration of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

Professor of Stanford University, American political scientist, philosopher and economist Francis Fukuyama, whose scientific works have been translated into more than twenty languages, commented on the integration of Belarus and Russia at the Forum of Boris Nemtsov, Charter97.org reports.

- What do you think about integration according to Putin's plan?

- It is dangerous in the geopolitical sense. As the scenario, mentioned by Aleksei Navalny, will be an excuse for Putin to become president of the new confederation for the next five to ten years. And there is nothing good in this for international relations. It will increase Russia's territory and GDP, military might, and the Russian army will be much closer to Eastern Europe. Therefore, I think this is a dangerous scenario. But I don't think Russia will easily "digest" Belarus, - Fukuyama said.

On October 9-10, Warsaw hosts the annual Forum of Boris Nemtsov - a conference bringing together politicians, activists, intellectuals and journalists who share liberal values and are interested in establishing a dialogue between Russians and Europeans. The Forum is dedicated to the legacy of Boris Nemtsov, former First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and leader of the opposition, who was killed in 2015.